Q. If I see a flat I like what shall I do?

A. Please text or email us to organise a time to view the property.

Q. I've visited the flat and I would like to take it next year.  What do I need to do?

A. Contact us and make a time to go through the Tenancy Agreement. I require your current landlords' contact details for a verbal reference for you.

Q. What Identification or documentation is required before signing a lease?

A. Drivers Licence or passport, Student ID and email address (for service).

Q. We've got a complete group and we all want to sign the Tenancy Agreement.  What sort of tenancy is it?

A. It’s a Fixed Term tenancy for 12 months from the 1/01/2020 to 31/12/2020.  This is the most common sort of Tenancy Agreement for Student Accommodation. The agreement is a Joint and Several Tenancy Agreement. Tenants named on the tenancy agreement have shared responsibility for the entire tenancy. They can also be individually liable for the entire tenancy. This means that if one tenant causes damage to the property or gets behind in rent payments, all other tenants can be jointly or individually held responsible. They may have to pay the debt if the tenant who caused the damage or owes rent does not pay. 

Q. How much bond do you require?

A. When you sign the Tenancy Agreement I will require equivalent to three weeks rent as bond. Your bond will be lodged with the bond centre

Q. How do you want rent paid?

A. Weekly, by online banking. Your first payment will be on 01/01/21 and your final payment will be on 24/12/21.  The lease will have my bank account details when you sign the Tenancy Agreement.

Q. Do I need insurance?

A. Yes, you need insurance. A landlord’s insurance policy does not protect your belongings.

Q. What about smoking?

A. All flats are non-smoking. 

Q. The flat we like has a big backyard. Who is responsible for that?

A. You are responsible for keeping it tidy but we will mow the lawns.

Q. Is power and internet included in the rent?

A. No, unless otherwise specified.

Q. What whiteware and furniture are supplied?

A. All properties have a range, microwave oven, washer and dryer, fridge/freezer. Some flats are furnished so the furniture supplied will be stated in the property listing.

Q. How often do you do flat inspections?

A. Once a term and a final flat inspection before the last tenant leaves the property.

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